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'This course is the amalgamation of our academic research and coaching experience. It is something we are really proud of and we know will help people understand nutrition and apply it in practice'

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Course overview

You will be supported throughout the EIQ Nutrition course with lecture content, supplementary podcasts, self-assessments and recommended reading. In addition, you will have direct access to the knowledge and mentoring of Emilia and Emma throughout your time with EIQ.


Throughout the course, you will be provided with the following:

·     12 online lectures (video and downloadable visual slides)

·     12 associated podcasts (audio)

·     12 self-assessments (online)

·     Tutoring from Emilia and Emma


These will be broken down in to 4 monthly bundles, each including:

·     3 online lectures

·     3 associated podcasts

·     3 self-assessments

·     1 consolidation and discussion week

Each month will deliver 3 new topics. We understand that you are fitting this course in to what is a very hectic lifestyle, so you will complete these topics throughout the month at your own pace. Each lecture will be accompanied by a podcast discussion with Emilia and Emma, where they discuss the practical applications and nuances around the topic. Where you identify how this matters to you.


Witness your confidence grow on a weekly basis as you delve deeper into a broad range of topics related to your health, nutrition, mindset and body, including nutrition fundamentals, fat loss essentials, women’s health, the dark side of dieting and non-diet nutrition.

Course Outline

Lecture topics include:

Energy balance

Beyond energy balance

Body weight and health

Plant-based diets

Methods of dieting

Do diets fail you?

Nutrition for hypertrophy

Dark side of dieting

Non-diet nutrition

Considerations for the menstrual cycle

Women’s health

Holistic coaching

With case study examples throughout.

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Facebook Community Support

Become enveloped in, and empowered through, a network built on evidence-based nutrition, but also trust, compassion and authenticity. The exclusive Facebook group will give you 24-hour access to Emilia and Emma as well as other members, to discuss any queries, complex topics or simply points of interest. You will gain exclusive access to regular live discussions with Emilia and Emma, as well as other field experts, giving you the chance to ask your questions about the course itself, nutrition, health and fitness in general, providing you with a pocket of transportable knowledge to empower your daily discussions and decisions. Both Emilia and Emma have successfully developed and managed worldwide online communities and the EIQ community will provide that network for you. You will be given the opportunity to access this group even after course completion. As EIQ community members, you will also be given exclusive first access to new seminars and workshops that expand your areas of interest.

Dr Emilia Bonnar Thompson RNutr

Emilia is a University Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and developed the undergraduate Sport and Exercise Nutrition Honours degree programme at Manchester Metropolitan University. She also teaches Postgraduate Sport and Exercise Nutrition programmes at multiple Higher Education establishments throughout the UK.


Playing a leading role in Exercise Professional Education, Emilia also co-wrote and delivered the Optimum Nutrition, Nutrition for Health and Performance course in 2019, has delivered the nutrition component of numerous Level 3 Personal Trainer courses and continues to speak at nationwide fitness and health events and on educational podcasts.


In print, Emilia has contributed to commercially available magazines, such as Women’s Health UK, Gym Owner Monthly and Health and Wellbeing Magazine, and has authored peer-reviewed scientific publications.


Emilia is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition and BSc Sports Biomedicine, as well as a Level 6 Diploma in Life Coaching.


She is also an Online Nutrition Consultant, and runs a team of coaches who work with individuals to improve their health, body composition and relationship with food.

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Emma Storey-Gordon

Emma started her career with a degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Edinburgh. During this time, she qualified as a personal trainer. After graduating, Emma worked in Cardiovascular disease & Diabetes research. She is also a qualified Exercise referral and Cancer rehabilitation specialist and has previously taught on personal training qualification courses.


Emma is now one of the most respected personal trainers in the UK and coaches thousands of people a year to look, feel and perform at their best. Emma has worked with a number of individuals and companies including Pure Gym to help develop their online coaching platforms in a way that delivers individualised programming, education, support and accountability.


Most recently Emma organised and co-hosted the biggest fitness conference of the year, raising over £27,000 for charity. She hosts 3 podcasts aimed at discussing and solving real life diet and exercise problems, as well as learning from expert guests in their respective fields.


Emma is also an international speaker and frequently talks at fitness expos, conferences and delivers health and fitness seminars to commercial businesses. Emma has written for newspapers and magazines including Men’s health UK and the Guardian.

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"Where do I begin. It is worth every penny. The depth and breadth of information delivered was incredible. I felt like I could action the information I had straight away - which tells me I understood it. It has been invaluable. There wasn't a point where I felt overwhelmed or bogged down by too much science talk. Every lecture felt like I was ACTUALLY learning something."


Melissa, class of October 2020

" The content was great, easy to understand and put into practice. The passion you both had for the lectures and topics you were teaching was great. 


Melissa, class of October 2020

"I think you girls are unreal at what you do. I love your style of teaching and both of your messages you get across. I don’t want to stop learning from you guys!"


Katie, class of October 2020

Tutor Support

Throughout the course, you will have direct contact to two of the most qualified and unquestionably brilliant women in the fitness space. Emma and Emilia continue to educate thousands of clients in nutrition for health, performance and body composition, as well as promote successful sustainable lifestyle change through their respective one-to-one and group coaching programmes, in addition to their consultant speaking events. Their social media platforms provide the basis for leading accessible evidence-based nutrition and training, translating complex scientific evidence in to manageable, digestible and actionable public information.

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About you

You could spend the next 10 years of your life trawling social media, magazines and newspapers for knowledge. Falling into the continuous cycle of misleading advice, expense and frustration. Losing money to those who capitalise on said mass misinformation. Falling repeatedly into the same diet cycles, only to end up back where you started, frustrated, out of pocket and knowing that ‘diets don’t work’.


You could keep trying to hate yourself into health. Guilt yourself in to change.


Or as an Exercise Professional, continue to scold your clients in to working harder, failing to promote sustainable behaviour change through your lack understanding of how compassion and empathy translate into nutrition practices.


Or, you can empower yourself. Save yourself the 10 years of time, money, heart. Support your clients with a new level of empathy. Learn the fundamentals of compassionate health and fitness nutrition for yourself.


EIQ Nutrition is for you if you are looking to improve your nutrition knowledge and make lifelong healthful change for yourself and your family. It will support you in removing the confusion around nutrition and health by providing a critical insight into the evidence behind the headlines. You can complete the course without prior education or training (although we will give you some recommended reading when you sign up).


It is also suitable for you if you are a qualified Exercise Professional looking to incorporate an evidence-based holistic approach to nutrition within your current practice. You will be introduced to concepts that allow you to empathise with your clients on a higher level, the key to lasting success (please note, this course does not qualify you to become a certified Nutritionist).